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Current Server Rules

Post by Reggie on Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:28 pm

The Rules and the Forums as a whole are still a work in progress, so please be patient as more information and clarification on rules is added, thank you for your patience.

This is a PvE Server with PvP elements.


To be able to PvP on this server you must first apply to declare War by contacting an Admin, who will then approve/disapprove the War declaration.
The Success of a War declaration depends on a number of different things, for example a 15 member tribe with end-game equipment will not be allowed to declare war on a 5 member tribe just starting off on the server, and even if a war declaration is successful there is still the possibility of a time delay (allowing enemy tribe members to be online to deal with the declaration)
The idea is that there is no offline ganking enemy bases when there is nobody to defend them, that is lame, war on this server will mean every tribe has a fair chance to defend itself.

If a War declaration is successful, a Server announcement will be made confirming the state of War between the tribes, from this point forward until peace, the Warring tribes are allowed to attack each other and each other's structure's and animals, they are not allowed to attack any other players/tamed animals/structures on the server, ONLY the tribe they are at War with.
The war will also be listed on the forums with a report of the state of affairs* (Work in progress*)

Each War declaration regardless of its approval or not will be logged on the forums, so beware your poor reputation may land you in unexpected hot water if you remain aggressive/expansionist for too long and too often  Twisted Evil

you are NOT allowed to attack anyone on this server in any way unless you have Admin approval to do so, abusing this will result in a ban.

You are not allowed to destroy bases completely in any way, you are allowed to destroy no more than 50% of an enemy base when in a state of war with an enemy (Don't even get close to 50%) you are allowed to break in and get to the loot and take it as your reward if successful, however unnecessary mass destruction of a base will not be tolerated, this is so that every player/tribe always has something here on the server, nobody wants to start from scratch again.

Both parties can agree on a ceasefire or put a stop to the war completely, if the war has gone on too long and 1 tribe is clearly winning, then an Admin may choose to force peace, giving the other tribe some peace time to capture/replace animals, rebuild the base and so on.

If a tribe is forced to declare peace against its will then a suitable compensation package will be provided by the server admin.

--Blocking Caves/Mines/Mountains/Resources--

Blocking off resources and denying them to the rest of the server is a bannable offense, you may build structures almost anywhere on the map as long as you are not blocking off caves or any other type of resource like metal, obsidian, oil, crystals, silica pearls and so on.

--In-game Chat--

No Trolling side chat or being abusive or offensive to any other members of the server, if you have an issue then contact an Admin immediately or if it is more serious then create a thread in the Report a Player section on the forums and an Admin will deal with it.

--Player Names--

Anyone joining the server with an offensive Steam name or character name that contains any offensive religious/sexual/racist/malicious wording in any way will be banned from the server, if you would like to rejoin the server (Having removed anything offensive) and have your ban lifted then please post an unban request in the unban section of the forums and an Admin will deal with it.

--Trolling players/animals/structures--

Anyone caught luring tamed or untamed dinosaurs's purposely to other players/dino's/structures to cause aggravation and damage will be punished and receive a ban! it is not smart or clever to do this, this will be treated exactly the same as initiating combat yourself and the relevant ban will be applied.

--Fun Loving Cavemen Tribe--

FLC Fun Loving Cavemen Tribe will act as server-wide tribe council until such a point that the polling opens for monthly votes on tribe council leader, this will be open to any regular member of this server, nominations can be put forward, a ballot will start when a minimum of 2 candidates have stepped forward, the results will be counted and the winner will be elected as Tribe Council Leader for the following month, this will involve a variety of duties including setting up regular meeting's with other tribes and their leaders so that everyone who has a suggestion for the server can put it forward.

At this point you cannot declare war on FLC Fun Loving Cavemen and attack any of their animals or structures until the tribe becomes more integrated and a clearer definition of its role is established (Work in progress)

--Server Bans--

Anyone caught breaking any of the rules listed above, being abusive to others, spamming side chat, trolling/griefing/being a dick! will receive 1 or more of the possible bans listed below.

24hr Ban
48Hr Ban
72Hr Ban
Permanent Ban

A permanent ban will be applied to anyone caught cheating, duping, exploiting, using foul abusive/racial language, or just being a complete problem for the server and its operation in any way.

anyone caught breaking rules will receive anything from a 24hr ban to a permanent ban, if you feel you have been wrongly banned you may make an appeal in the "appeal a ban" section of the forums providing any evidence you have to support your claim.


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